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Anthology Photographer Highlights (Season 1)

Kitty Stolzenbach

Kitty is a mobile photographer, writer, and podcast host currently residing in Silver City, NM. She is the creator of several Instagram feature hubs including @urbanromantix, which hosts a podcast called Keep Shooting.


Kirsten Alana

Kristen Alana is a freelance photographer who has worked in more than 50 countries on 6 continents for some of the most celebrated brands in travel and lifestyle. Her work has been featured in Condé Nast Traveler, AFAR, Harper’s Bazaar and more. She resides in Los Angeles when she’s not traveling on assignment.


Riva Shayne Martes

An Event Planner who is into hiking and capturing the natural beauty that Nature has to offer. I have always believed that Nature is not just a place to visit, but it is Home.


Benjamin Broadley

I am quite new to photography but I love the beauty and colours life throws at us.

I’m 34, from Birmingham, UK, and photography allows me to show others just what I see and how I view the world. And that makes me smile.



Our journey began collecting moments and memories to have a good time, but our passion for photography lost its luster as all the other things got in the way. That’s when our idea to form a community evolved into a collection of problem-solving tools and resources we call Anthology. Whether you photograph for fun or freelance, we invite you to use Anthology to shoot more and stress less.

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