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Anthology Photographer Highlights (Season 2)


Robert Martel

I’m Rob.  Film Photography is all emotion for me. To capture and feel is the art form itself.

Pedro Salazar.jpg

Pedro Salazar

Pedro is an amateur photographer trying to present the world to others as he perceives it. He is 16, from San Antonio, Texas, trying to get a head start on learning this beautiful art form. His work varies from Street to stro-photography and just about everything in between.


Abdullah Tikreeti

Originally from Iraq, Abdullah now lives in the States. He is a student dentist at Penn Dental Medicine.

“I do photography as a hobby during my free time. Photography gives me happiness and helps me show people the beauty of the places around me.”


Paul D.

I’m an amateur photographer from Philadelphia who learned to shoot on Kodak and Yashica film cameras in the 70’s and 80’s. I love the outdoors and shooting both nature and city scenes both digitally and in film.



Our journey began collecting moments and memories to have a good time, but our passion for photography lost its luster as all the other things got in the way. That’s when our idea to form a community evolved into a collection of problem-solving tools and resources we call Anthology. Whether you photograph for fun or freelance, we invite you to use Anthology to shoot more and stress less.

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