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Anthology Interviews – NKP Photography (Season 1)

Welcome to Anthology’s new segment, where we interview some top talents within the industry and ask them about their journey as an artist.

This season, we welcome Natalie Phillips, owner of NKP Photography, as our guest. She can be contacted on her website, Facebook, and her Instagram accounts – @nkpphotography & @nkpphotography_loveandlife.

If you’d like to be a part of this segment, please contact the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Anthology: What first inspired you to become a photographer? 

Natalie: Since I was little, I always played with camcorders and cameras. For school projects I would make cool videos or something like that, which other kids didn’t know how to shoot, let alone edit or burn to a DVD. So I really liked the idea of film production (the moving picture if you will), which I went to college for. However, like I said, I always played with cameras too. Taking pictures of animals at the zoo or in the backyard was always my favorite. Then around age 14 I got into something called cosplay. It’s a craft where you make or buy a costume and dress up as your favorite characters from any media, but usually from anime. Everyone at nerdy conventions cosplays and I fell in love with it. A huge part of the cosplay culture is cosplay photography and photoshoots – an opportunity where cosplayers can get really nice photos of their costumes to show off. As I got into cosplay, I also got into cosplay photography. It’s SO MUCH FUN to photograph people as characters they love and that you might love too. And from there my interest in portraits took off and I decided I loved capturing people in creative and new ways. It’s when I’m happiest. 

A: Do you have a favorite photo shoot you’ve done?

N: There was a span in time in college where I did an independent study with the lone photography professor in the school. It was all film photography – I had to shoot and develop my own photos from film using the campus darkroom. This professor loved my passion for it and let me borrow some of his gear. I focused a lot on doing experimental long-exposure night portraits. One of my collections I did for my final was a series based on depression/anxiety being a chemical imbalance in the human brain. Those were probably my favorite series of shoots, and I miss that darkroom every day. 

A: Favorite gear? 


A: What is your go to source for the latest photography ideas and news? 

N: Honestly, other photographers that I follow. I draw a lot of inspiration and ideas from other photographers I follow on Instagram. People are so creative and it’s like “wow, I want to try that too!” I also tend to follow other photographers and read their opinions on new gear they have recently purchased. 

A: What is your goal as an artist? 
Half of my brain would tell you the long term goal is to become a famous Hollywood movie director and win an Oscar for best feature film or to become a famous fashion photographer that gets to travel the world. The other half says that for now the goal is to build a successful photography business while still producing work I am proud of and without getting lost in the growing group of “cookie-cutter photographers” that seem to pop up everywhere these days.

A: What advice would you give to someone looking to enter the space?

N: Experiment and always make sure you’re having fun.

We’d like to thank Natalie for being Anthology’s first guest on our Q & A series. If you’re interested in joining for future seasons of this segment, please reach out to the team today! Also, be sure to sign up for our Early Adopter program, as we are just weeks away from launching our first version release for artists looking to upload content to the platform.

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