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Wildlife and Landscape Expert Nate Luebbe joins Anthology

Nate has quickly become a trusted friend and Advisor to Anthology


Seattle-based Nate Luebbe is a self taught photographer and lifelong explorer of the outdoors, an avid environmentalist, conservationist, and raconteur of experiences. Nate is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and founding partner of Lost Horizon Creative. 

His passion for photography started as a way to catalog his outdoor experiences and to live in the moment. Taking the feelings of a brilliant sunset and attempting to freeze them into a single still frame is an incredible challenge, something that truly motivates him to get out and experience the world. As an ambassador for the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, Nate pushes the limits of Sony cameras and lenses to create dynamic and inspiring photographs and videos that reveal the spirit of adventure.

Nate has photographed grizzlies in Alaska, northern lights in Norway, and polar bears on the Hudson Bay coast. His portfolio also includes a stunning array of landscape and wilderness photos from around the world.

Nate brings with him a wealth of knowledge and inspiration about the photography space. Every time we speak, we learn about more awesome adventures and stories from his photo shoot excursions. Thank you Nate for being part of our team!



Our journey began collecting moments and memories to have a good time, but our passion for photography lost its luster as all the other things got in the way. That’s when our idea to form a community evolved into a collection of problem-solving tools and resources we call Anthology. Whether you photograph for fun or freelance, we invite you to use Anthology to shoot more and stress less.

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