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Anthology Interviews – Steve Cancel (Season 2)

Welcome to Anthology’s Interview series, where we meet some top talents within the industry and ask them about their journey as an artist.

This season, we welcome Steve Cancel as our guest. He can be contacted on his website and his Instagram accounts – @smbnyc & @steve.cancel.

Steve was recently the winner of our first giveaway campaign, and he won a Ryze Tello drone. You can find more information about the giveaways, as well as the rules for any ongoing or future contests here.

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Anthology: What was your inspiration for becoming a photographer?

Steve: I am an illustrator by trade so I feel part was natural progression but the advent of the iPhone and Instagram really got me interested in it again honestly.

A: Where did you learn about photography?

S: Initially at Parsons School of Design, but later on my brother gave me a Leica M-9p, and I learned it from scratch and was in love.

A: Do you have a go-to brand for camera technology?

S: Sony is my brand of choice now.

A: Have you done any freelance photography, and if so, how do you connect with your clients?

S: Mainly word of mouth, we deal a lot over email and using Dropbox to share shoots.

A: Tell us about a favorite photoshoot of yours. 
One of my favorites has to be a shoot I did for Edible Arrangements and The Children’s Place. It was a “Back to School” shoot we did with kids and it was just a lot of fun working with them. One of my other favorites was a series of “Instameets” ran by a popular NYC Instagram group, it was just great meeting people of like minds and the whole culture of it all.

A: What is your goal as an artist?

S: To make pretty pictures for people and products I support.

A: If you could give one piece of advice to any aspiring photographers out there, what would it be?

S: Just keep learning, you can never know enough.

A: Has COVID impacted your art in any way? How have you navigated around the obstacles?

S: I would say I do much more shooting at home. I have started a product photography page. I have done product photos for a while but now I’m having fun even doing them personally and pushing my craft.

A: What is your go-to source for photography news or media?

S: YouTube

We’d like to thank Steve for being Anthology’s guest on our Q & A series. If you’re interested in joining for future seasons of this segment, please reach out to the team today and fill out this simple to use Google Form!

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