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Q&A with Irina Kolykhalova -Season 3

Welcome to Anthology’s Q&A series, where we interview some top talents within the industry and ask them about their journey as an artist.

This season, we welcome Irina Kolykhalova as our guest. She can be contacted on her Instagram account – @irina.koly.

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We’re honored to have Irina join us as the latest guest for 0ur photography Q & A series. We first met Irina after coming across her Instagram page, and were instantly awed by the photos of her travels and the glacier landscapes. You can see some of our favorites linked below in the gallery.

New for this season: we have opened up a comment section below for reader feedback, so please go ahead a drop a comment down there and let us know what you think.

Our goal with the Q&A series is two-fold. We pride ourselves in bringing more visibility to the photographer community, and we hope to push the art and artist to the forefront as much as possible. Beyond this, we simply love learning from different perspectives, and there is tremendous value in hearing voices from the community abroad.

So without further ado, please see the interview with Irina below.

Anthology: What first inspired you to become a photographer?

Irina: I traveled a lot and every time I came home I tried to convey the emotions from what I saw by showing pictures from an old phone. My desire was so gigantic to show people how beautiful this world is and what amazing places there are on the planet, that I realized I have to learn how to photograph, so it would be easier to share impressionable things.

A: Do you have a favorite photo shoot you’ve done?

I: I try to make every new photo my favorite. This is the path of growth.

A: Have you traveled for your art and if so, what was the best location you’ve visited?

I: Love for Antarctica will remain in my heart forever. The nature there is so magical that not a single hand of the photographer can spoil it.

A: What is your go to source for the latest photography ideas and news?

I: The world is changing so quickly, and now people are eager to share their creations as soon as possible, that there can be no problem finding ideas (even if you have a creative crisis). It is important to develop your observation skills and find ideas for photography in the most unexpected places.

A: Has the pandemic stopped or impacted your work at all?
I worked on cruises and because of the pandemic, I lost my job. For now I only enjoy street photography.

A: What advice would you give to someone looking to become a photographer?

I: Do it! Listen to the advice of experienced photographers, but do not take them for ultimate truth. Photography is same as a painting in which you can reflect your creative impulses with the help of light and various materials.

We’d like to thank Irina for being Anthology’s guest on our Q & A series. If you’re interested in joining for future seasons of this segment, please reach out to the team today and fill out this simple to use Google Form! Also, be sure to sign up for our Early Adopter program, as we are just weeks away from launching our first version release for artists looking to upload content to the platform.

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