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Chris Bukowski joins the Anthology Team

Chris Bukowski, star of several seasons of the hit reality TV series The Bachelor and CEO of KCM Create, has joined Anthology as a Strategic Marketing Advisor.

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Coming from an extremely diverse business background ranging from sports & restaurants to today’s tech, Chris put his Hospitality Management studies to work. After starting his career in Las Vegas, he later moved his talents to New York and took a sales position with the NHL and the New York Islanders. With immediate success in sales, Chris made the move again to Front Row Marketing Services in Chicago. Though he loved the sales industry, the itch to put his dream in motion and open his own restaurant still stuck. In 2012 he did just that and opened the first of four Bracket Room Sports Bar’s and Eateries. After the purchase of the Bracket Room concept, Chris took a role with the now acquired Rant Media in sunny Orange County.

There, KCM, a full-service digital agency, began to take place along with his now partners Mike and Kyle Rosin. With the growing interest in tech and the awareness of demand for digital services the business industry, he knew that starting the company was a necessity. Chris’ role with KCM focuses on the overall growth of the company from an operational and financial side all the way through to new business development.

Chris meeting with his fans
Chris meeting with his fans

Aside from his success in both the digital and crypto currency worlds, Chris also gained fame back in 2012 when he was casted to be on the Bachelorette Season 8 where he finished in 4th place. This ultimately launched his reality TV stint and from there, Chris starred on Bachelorette Season 10, Bachelor Pad 3 and the first two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. His unforgettable personality may have made him a reality TV star, but now he uses it to connect with his audience and continue to build businesses.

Chris’ success in the reality TV world has granted him wild popularity. He was a guest on Season 3, Episode 142 of the Steve Harvey show, Good Morning America, and TMZ – among others. His internet presence has also flourished, garnering over 253k followers on his Instagram, 83.4k on Twitter, and 10k impressions on Facebook.


With his connections, Chris has been able to propel KCM to the top, partnering with powerful brands across several industries. Identity, LIGHT Nightclub, and FORTE to name a few. The latter of which you may remember from one of our recent posts back in September 2020 when we announced Lauren Foundos as our Business Dev. Advisor.

Anthology’s roadmap ahead is greatly strengthened with Chris’ expertise. We already have fantastic synergies and strategies in place to accelerate our growth and market saturation. After showcasing Anthology’s prototype (which you can get a private one-on-one showcase HERE), Chris was instantly interested in joining the team. We have spent months cultivating a strong team, and Chris’ addition makes the efforts exponentially worth it.  

“Will Ciolino is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and Hobbyist Photographer who has spent time in Small Business, Manufacturing, and a Fortune 500 company as a Mechanical Engineer and 3D Printing Expert. In his spare time, Will has built small businesses in the fitness industry; has focused on finding gig-economy type side-hustles; and is Founder and CEO of the photography platform, Anthology.”

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