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Known Bugs / Issues

Hello! We are keeping this list of known feature bugs and issues that some users are experiencing on the site and/or the iOS mobile platform.

Please know the issues below are being worked on as quickly as possible.

Thank You for being an Anthology User!!

Known Issues:

  • In the portfolio view, photos that were taken in portrait mode are cropped and fitted into a landscape object for quick view. We are working for future releases to incorporate a different view for portrait photos.
  • On Safari browsers, we know of an issue when searching for someone’s profile, an error message displays to the user when trying to open another user’s portfolios. The message informs the user to log out in order to proceed, but that isn’t resolving the issue.
  • When viewing a portfolio, there is an issue when a user attempts to open up a photo, the window opens up with the cover image as opposed to the intended photo.
  • The “Sign in with Apple” button is missing on our website portal. This is being worked on.
  • Various graphical and grammatical issues on some pages

Have an issue to report?

If you come across any other issues with the website platform or mobile application, please contact our support team at We thank you for your cooperation in helping us build a better user experience.

We believe in Transparency

No system is ever perfect. Here is our issue log from the past that were resolved as quickly as possible.

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