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Welcoming Anthology to the World

Today we mark a historic moment in our Company’s history. Not only are Anthology’s production servers now live, but we are now available for download on the Apple App Store!

This initial release is the culmination of months of planning, brainstorming and hard work. Since our founding, we have teamed with the strongest individuals and teams out there to bring this concept of a superior photograph platform to life.

We’d first like to thank those who have helped us along the way to get here. None of this would be possible without your insights and guidance, and we’re happy that you continue to push Anthology forward each day.

To our photographer friends who have reached out to us, or have responded with eagerness to our campaigns: this is for you. Every feature idea and implementation that follows these next few months as we continue development is with your success in mind.

So what comes in v1.0 of Anthology?

What we launched today is the first step in our overall vision. With this release, we are giving you the opportunity to begin building your own personal portfolio set. This is our full feature set below:

  • Profile creation
  • Portfolio Creation and Customization
  • File images by Community or Personal Categories
  • Geo-Locations for Photos
  • Keywords to optimize future search results
  • Import photos seamlessly from your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Share your portfolios with friends and family on social media

What’s still to come?

Simply put, a lot! We have a ton of really awesome and revolutionary features designed to centralize and streamline the entire workflow process for photographers, artists and visual creatives. We already started development on the next set of features:

  • Public facing profiles and portfolios
  • Search functionality to find other artists
  • Freedom to choose which photos appear as cover images on albums

We’re also happy to announce now our next major release. Anthology will soon be releasing an integrated Marketplace system that is 100% logistics free for the user.

As for the rest, we’ll be revealing periodically our newest features. If you really want an inside peak, we’d be happy to give you a full tour of the prototype in a one on one meeting! Reach out to us at team@anthology-us.com

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