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Take Back Control of Your Photos

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What are we missing today in the world of website platforms and photography applications? In one word: creativity. We’ve been living in a world where applications care more about your data than they do about optimizing your workflow and providing services that you not only want, but you need. There’s a lack of creativity from the very places that purport to be made for us. Everyone is trying to be like the one before, not realizing that the entire reason for their existence in the first place is because visual creatives and artists are hungry. We’re eager to try something new. We want a platform that helps us grow.

Let’s look at just one piece of our work for a moment. Managing our photos after they’re taken.

Where do you have your photos stored today? Are they on hard drives scattered across your desk? Hundreds of folders in your PC that just have dates from when you transferred them? How about your phone’s camera roll? Like most of us, I bet you have a lot of scrolling to do to revisit some of the earlier shots on that one.

“Today at Anthology, we’re the evolution in photography storage…”

When we look around for other options we have a few: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. But we all know how much space our files take up and these platforms aren’t necessarily cheap. And when you consider it, what are these storage platforms doing for us other than housing our photos. Is there any future updates we can look forward to that benefit us? I don’t see any. Maybe you can share below if you know any differently.

How about social media? We can house all our photos there right?

Instagram? Oh wait, they limit us to a certain number of photos per post; their size requirements are insanely annoying to account for when editing; and don’t even get me started on that timeline algorithm.

Facebook? You can make albums, that’s cool. I mean, they sort of made finding the photo button on someone’s page rather difficult these last few years. Almost like they want us to focus on using that other photography platform they own. Well, back to square one…

Twitter? There is a rather large growing community on Twitter lately of fellow photographers. It’s nice to see the amount of communication coming from the community, but it’s hardly a storage platform.

So Where Does that Leave Us?

What if there was a better solution for you? Let me introduce you to Anthology.

Today at Anthology, we’re the evolution in photography storage for professionals, amateurs, and even enterprises. If you’re an individual, we’re giving you the opportunity to leverage a storage platform completely free. There’s no limitation on the size, orientation, or resolution of your photos.

Let’s take it one step further: We allow you to systemize your photos into albums of your choosing. We’re calling this the Anthology Portfolio Management System. You have control of which photos are grouped together and how. The possibilities are endless, and I’m looking forward to reading about how you choose to leverage this customizability.


It would have been simple for us to follow the current market. Sit down, create squares for our users’ images, let them share those squares. I don’t know about you, but that seems kind of lazy and boring. Photography is art, no? Why aren’t the platforms we’re using also promoting this creativity by being art themselves? We’re bringing this to you in an entirely new way. Your portfolio today on Anthology will not look like any other platform you use, and that’s because we’ve spent literal months planning and designing our interface to meet the high caliber design that artists deserve.


Let’s jump over to our iOS platform. One of my favorite things about being an artist is putting my work – whether that is photos, drawings, or paintings – into a physical portfolio at home. The sensation of flipping through a binder and connecting that sense of touch with the sight of a beautiful piece makes the effect so much stronger. We wanted to capture that in the digital world as well.

On mobile, you can flip through the pages of your digital portfolios just as you would in the real world. And I can’t wait to share with you what we have in store for a future update that will connect the digital and physical worlds like nothing we’ve seen before from a photography platform.


For our professional customers, and our business clients, we want to share with you how we plan to let you leverage your photos for remarketing purposes, unlocking brand new pathways for revenue streams from your events, trips, or local gatherings. I warmly invite you to send me an email or sign up for a time to meet on my calendar and I would be happy to walk you through our roadmap of features that will stand to create or increase your yields with just your photos.

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