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Photographer Spotlight: Bruce Kirschner

Bruce Kirschner Links: Bruce’s Website | Bruce’s Facebook Page | Bruce’s IG

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If you are a fan of Street Photography, look no further than one of our earliest adopters, Bruce Kirschner. Bruce is an expert with decades of experience in the field – specializing in candid portraits of subjects in deep shadow.

Bruce began his professional career as an artist working as a credentialed celebrity photographer, contributing to a number of the top photo agencies in the US and UK. He continues to freelance for clients when presented an offer, but for the most part, he enjoys shooting for himself.

Humble Beginnings

To Bruce, photography was a means of capturing things that interested him. After spending five decades honing this craft, it has evolved into Bruce’s unique way of communicating with a broader audience. Being entirely self taught, he takes thousands of photos and learns something new from each of them. If that’s the one message he wants to get across to young photographers, it’s just that: keep taking photos, and keep learning.

Where We Met Bruce

We met Bruce several months ago through his Instagram account. He initially joined our mailing list as an early adopter to our platform and quickly became one of the first to use the production release of Anthology in its first week, helping to propel us to the top of the Apple search listings overnight on launch day. Bruce was kind enough to share one of his portfolios with us. We thank him and all of our artists who continue to support us as we work to develop more features that centralize photography workflows in one powerful tenant.

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