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Photographer Spotlight: Kitty Stolzenbach

Kitty’s Links: UrbanRomantix Bio | Kitty’s IG

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While a lot of photographers have had googly eyes of Sony’s latest Alpha announcement, lest we not forget that there are some high quality cameras right in our pockets. The latest iPhones sport 12MP cameras on both front and back, while their main contender in the Galaxy S series have been packing high powered sensors themselves for years.

If there is anyone that can speak to the potential these mobile devices have, it’s our friend Kitty Stolzenback, who has been a mobile photographer adopting Apple’s camera technology since the 4S.

Kitty became interested in photography at the young age of 5, when she got her hands on a Kodak Instamatic (here’s a nifty little read). Her passion for the craft was reignited at the rise of mobile applications that were geared for photographers in the late 2000s/early 2010s. It’s on these platforms Kitty really flourished – expertly leveraging social media and marketing to capture large audiences for her employers, but also her own ventures.

Photography Feature Hubs

Kitty is the founder and operator for numerous high profile Instagram feature hubs for photographers. The most widely known of these being UrbanRomantix – having more than 200 thousand followers and one that features thousands of photographers. Her other pages are NatureRomantix, and IGersSilverCity. Catch some of their latest images:

Keep Shooting – The UrbanRomantix Podcast

Kitty and her co-host, Kevin (@NoisyCamera) started a photography podcast together in 2018 called Keep Shooting – The Urbanromantix Podcast. This new media outlet for fans of the popular feature hub gives listeners an opportunity to hear from popular and well known artists to hear about their stories, where they started, and how they came to be a professional. The outlet – which releases on a every other week schedule – has become very successful, climbing to the top of Apple’s Visual Arts category for podcasts.

Keep Shooting – The UrbanRomantix Podcast

Kitty has been a great early help for our team here at Anthology – she’s always willing to go above and beyond to help us grow and unlock new potentials. It’s her kindness and trust in our platform that inspires us to continue building our offerings to give back to the community of artists that share her passions. Kitty was kind enough to share one of her portfolios with us – you’re not going to want to miss out that here!

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