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Bringing New Experiences to Our Platform

Version 1.1 Release Notes

Today we are happy to announce that we have launched v1.1 of Anthology on the web. Along with some performance upgrades and responsiveness enhancements, we have unlocked brand new features that are in line with our mission to create one powerful workflow manager for visual creatives.

These are the following upgrades to v1.1 of Anthology:

  • Search Functionality: We have unlocked a brand new feature that allows our users to search for fellow artists across the platform. On the Anthology website, you will find a new button near the top-right of the screen with a magnifier icon. Search for new artists across Anthology now!
  • Saved History: As it stands today, we did not implement a feature set for following or favoriting certain artists. These more social features are in development and will be coming at a later date; however, we wanted to make the experience of finding your favorite artists as simple as possible. When you click on the Search icon, you will first be brought to a page that has your recent search history. Save your most liked photographers in this search history to easily reference back to them to see new portfolio updates.
  • Social Media Share Fixes: When sharing a portfolio on social media platforms, we had an issue where the embedded link on an external social networking site, wasn’t uploading with the cover image associated with the shared portfolio. We found that the issue was not with the embedded size restrictions on these social platforms that limit the size of the photos that are shared on their site. We have fixed this issue in this release, so when sharing a portfolio to another platform, your network will see the cover image you assigned to the album.
  • Custom Cover Images: We have implemented a feature that allows you to now change the cover image on your albums. This is a workflow improvement that we wanted to implement for our artists, and we are happy to continue accepting your suggestions and feedback for further enhancements to the site.

Anthology’s Mission

We mentioned previously our mission to improve the workflows of artists by creating a platform that takes care of all your distributive workflow needs in one central experience. This not only helps you as the artist by saving you time from having to manage dozens of different websites, but it also helps your consumer market and fans easily find, network, and transact with you immediately on the same platform.

This mission stems from our personal experience as hobbyist photographers and creators ourselves, collectively with decades of experience. We recognized the central issue in our ways of working, and how the current platform market out there is no longer listening to us as artists – instead building their brands on the influencer market, creating algorithms that work against us and destroys our content visibility, and directly attacking our profit margins with abusive and offensive returns in their transaction rates.

What we’ve built to date with Anthology versions 1.0 and 1.1 focus primarily on the showcasing workflow for artists. Our expertise as artists helped us to design a platform experience and aesthetic that doesn’t hamper an artists’ work, but instead compliments their photos. Higher contrast design has been studied extensively and has been proven to be more appealing to the viewers’ eyes. From a storage and workability perspective – we not only abandoned the “three squares” look that every platform seems to be copying now. Our portfolio system allows artists to create and upload as much content to their portfolios as they see fit.

We’re not finished yet. We are working now on a platform upgrade that will make Anthology the first to market in the photography platform space – setting us apart from anyone else on our quest to promote you and your work. And we’re excited to announce that we are well ahead of schedule, and this new update will happen towards the end of this month. Be sure to stay up to date with us as we continue to improve Anthology! And as always, thank you for your trust in helping us build a platform for us artists.

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