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Best Practices on Our Platform

This thread will focus on the best practices for optimal performance of the Anthology website and iOS mobile application. Make sure to refer back to this article as we will continue to maintain these practices as we advance development and improve the backend technology that is driving the Anthology experience.

Optimal Image Sizing

We are continuing to do extensive testing on the best image resolution and sizes for the best Anthology experience. What we’ve found thus far is that our platform can successfully accept heavy resolution images with relatively quick upload speeds. The issue however, is upon viewer downloading of these images.

For the time being, we are not compressing images upon upload. This is a practice we wish to uphold as we’ve seen the poor quality that results on other social media platforms to the dismay of artists. Below is what we have found thus far in the best image sizes for Anthology:

Export Settings:

We are using Lightroom CC for the following example, however, any image editing software that provides custom image sizing settings on export will suffice.

In Lightroom, when exporting your photos, you’ll want to choose Custom Settings…

This image shows the main custom export settings we are using in Lightroom CC for uploading images to Anthology.

The file size that you want to target for your image(s) is <1.3MB. Each image will be different depending on the format and color depth of your image. We use the following settings, which can also be referenced in the screenshot:

  • File Type = JPG
  • Dimensions = Custom
  • Long Side = 2,048 pixels
  • Quality = 80%

One final bit of customization is under the More Options dropdown. From there, you will find the Output Sharpening and Amount settings. These should be changed to “Screen” and “High,” respectively.

These settings result in an average file size of 800KB-1.3MB. It’s important to note that the “Quality” setting does not need to be set to 100% as this only results in massive file sizes.

Additionally, these settings are only for the purposes of being a guide. Some photos will require different “Long Side” dimensions, the typical of which are: 2048, 1920, 1856, 1600 and 1440. Feel free to experiment with your own settings, and let us know what you find works best for you.

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