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Canon Announces the New EOS R3 – An Impressive Teaser

Canon has teased a new camera body for their EOS R class – the company’s push into full frame mirrorless camera technology. According to the company, the EOS R3 fits in line between the R5 and the EOS-1D X Mark III.

To accompany the announcement – Canon released a short promo trailer video of some of the impressive specs the new body will boast.

Impressive Features

While little information is still known about the full tech specs of the new equipment, Canon has released an impressive first look at some of the advancements the R3 will bring to the class.

New Sensor

The new CMOS sensor in the R3 will be a back-illuminated making it the first in their full frame series of mirrorless cameras – which not only will increase read out speeds (with specs yet to be determined), but also will improve low light performance.

Electronic Shutter

Canon includes information about a new electronic shutter to take full advantage of the new sensor tech. They’re promising some extraordinary features like fast speeds and continuous 30 fps shooting.

Eye Control Auto Focus

Probably one of the coolest features teased in this release is the eye-tracking auto focus for photographers simply by looking through the viewfinder. This is not necessarily new to Canon – they had this feature on their EOS 5 and 3 film cameras of the 90s. Back then, the feature was pretty unreliable, but with 20+ years of engineering and advancements, this new iteration on the tech should be optimized and really fun to use.

Not much else is known about the new camera including release date or pricing, but check back here for more information when Canon updates us.

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