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Photographer Spotlight: Anthony May

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We’re happy to bring you this photographer spotlight today about an artist we’ve recently met – Anthony May. Not only were we wowed by Anthony’s story and his journey as a creator, but he also has some great insights and ideas that we hope to bring forward in this piece.

Sometimes we take up a new hobby for no direct reason or mission. Or at least, it’s not very apparent at first. This was the case for Anthony – he describes that when just starting out, he wasn’t sure what the inspiration was for becoming a photographer. Now, after several years in the space, he realizes that the journey is about creating and telling stories. The visual medium of photography is a much easier venture into storytelling than, say, public speaking, or making YouTube videos.

Anthony’s Journey

Starting out in the industry, Anthony bought his first camera – a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. Paired with a 55-250mm, Anthony self taught the craft as best he could. That was until he had the opportunity to meet Reid Wolcott. Mr. Wolcott not only works for the National Weather Service as a Warning Coordination Meteorologist, he is also an avid astrophotographer in his spare time. Reid was kind enough to allow Anthony to come along on various photoshoot trips – propelling Anthony to new heights as a creator.

The last few years Anthony has done much of his work as a freelancer. He got his start here by joining local photographer groups in the Seattle area – such as Collective Sway and StreetMeet WA. These groups opened the door to new networks, extending Anthony’s clientele base and opportunities for referrals.

“Actively pursue the opportunities you want. You’d be amazed at the access you can get simply by asking for it.”

– Anthony May

When we asked about one of his favorite gigs, Anthony recalls a recent shoot at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle. While shooting with a professional model, they came across a mint-colored Volkswagen bus at the end of the dock. Luck turned out that the owner was nearby and kindly agreed for Anthony to use the iconic vehicle in the backdrop to the set. The trip was made extra special when a local invited the two onto his boat to give an experience that Anthony won’t soon forget.

Because of the past year dealing with the effects of COVID-19, not only did a lot of freelance opportunities fall away, but the desire to keep his family safe kept Anthony from doing what he loves. But, looking positively at our collective circumstances, Anthony chose to use the extra time to recollect on older content of his and relive some experiences, while building his catalog of prints to sell.

Where We Met Anthony

We met up with Anthony recently, first through Twitter. He had happened to find Pro Photographer – Nate Luebbe – who had joined our team last year as our Industry Advisor. At the time Nate and Will were preparing for a live virtual event on the B&H Event Space platform.

Anthony instantly connected with the group. It was great to hear from him and have him join on early to the platform. He, like us, agrees in building a social photography experience that is built organically for photographers, by photographers. And that social media has harmed the field of creating content.

“Don’t let the desire for social media clout direct your approach. You’re not in competition with anyone else but yourself to create the best content you can. Art is subjective, I’ve had photos that I thought would do extremely well only get lukewarm reception on social media and some photos I thought were okay do extremely well.”

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