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New Reddit Community Aims to Change the Way Photographers Share their Work on the Platform

r/ThroughYourEyes_Pics is a new photography community which is hosted on Reddit

Welcome to one of the newest communities on the popular forum platform Reddit, which is aiming to change the way users share photos and promote themselves to fellow artists and fans.

But what is this new community?

According to the founder of the thread, Keir Thomson, “It is a place for amateur and professional photographers to post and promote their work without hassle and without heavy restrictions on posts. We believe our members should have the biggest say in what happens in ThroughYourEyes and we listen to each and every one of them.”

In a story many photographers can relate to, Keir was motivated to start the new group after losing interest in the craft right before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Being a citizen of the United Kingdom, he wanted to find a way to restart the spark for the art and motivate himself through the lockdown. “I started going out on long walks with my camera and the love for photography instantly came back to me.”

Creating a Means of Distribution

When you take photos, you want to share them. Plain and simple – we want constant feedback, verification and even criticism on our work as artists in order to continue getting better and challenging ourselves to strive for new heights. Naturally, Keir felt the same way, but he had turned away from social media largely in previous years. That’s when a friend offered he look for photographer communities on Reddit – as the forum platform for open communication has been a leader in large communities since 2005.

That’s when Keir noticed some common trends. Many of the communities on the site had lots of restrictions and rules regarding the way you could post images. You’ll find in some of the communities the requirement to add your camera settings or an explanation about your picture, etc. Keir wasn’t looking for this, he just wanted to share his photos with others who just seek to consume images.

He also found that self promotion in many communities is generally frowned upon. Keir didn’t mind fellow artists plugging their personal pages. It was a realization that in this community, you have the opportunity to expand your network with a growing list of fans, followers, and supporters to increase your organic visibility.

When I joined the subreddit, the group had just 450 or so people. That was a few weeks ago. At the time of this writing, the group now has over 1100 artists who contribute to the page on a daily basis – breaking Keir’s goal of crossing 1000 users within the first month.

To give back to this new community, the moderators hold weekly competitions every Monday. The contests are a fun and engaging way to connect with the fellow members, and helps to support artists who are just starting out on their journeys. Recently they promoted a giveaway for reaching the 1000 user mark as well.

ThroughYourEyes welcomes anyone! You do not have to be a professional photographer to be part of it, you don’t even need to be a photographer, even if you are slightly interested in photography or just like looking at some cool pictures then this is the place for you!”

– Keir Thomson

Behind the Page

Keir is a 26 year old Scotland native, living in Edinburgh with his girlfriend Jordyn and their cat – Charlie. He considers himself to be an amateur photographer, who comes from a family of fellow creatives. Most notably, Keir took up a passion for photography after watching his uncle in the profession before he unfortunately passed away.

Keir studied photography for nearly three years at college, and although he hasn’t had the opportunity to complete the degree yet, he’s determined to go back to finish in the future. His camera of choice is Canon, having shot with the 5D, 100D, and Rebel.

Outside of connecting with Keir on Reddit, he was kind enough to share his email. Make sure to support Keir’s mission by following ThroughYourEyes and sharing your art with the community.

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