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Anthology v1.3 Release Notes

Today we are excited to announce that we have launched v1.3 of Anthology on the web and iOS. This update brings some additional performance improvements based on user feedback from the past few weeks, and we also bring a ton of enhancements to Portfolios and additions to the platform experience.

These are the following improvements to Anthology:

  • Sharing portfolios includes user information
  • Copy images to more than one portfolio more easily
  • Enhanced organization of photos within albums
  • Enhanced organization of albums on profile
  • Thumbnail view now shows whole image

And with Anthology v1.3, we’ve added the following features: 

  • Search includes Discovery page of portfolios and profiles
  • Addition of Blog and Shop links on the home page
  • iOS – Rotation to Landscape mode
  • Hyperlinking in bio section
  • Adding camera field and equipment

Continue Reading below for the full review of each feature and enhancement!

Bringing Discovery to Anthology v1.3

We’ve designed a new way of finding fellow artists, users and portfolios that are updated around the Anthology community. Our new Discovery page is available to you when clicking on the Search icon. This will populate the page with a randomized listing of profiles and portfolios which you can then filter down to. 

This feature was designed with the idea to bring further engagement and search ability to the platform. We envision a number of improvements in the future that we will be working on soon, but in the meantime, we’d love to get your thoughts and feedback on the concept.

Discovery Page on a Desktop featured in Anthology v1.3
Discovery Page on Desktop in Anthology v1.3

Improving Our Header in Anthology v1.3

Our home page header now includes both our Blog and Shop pages for ease of accessibility. Check out the latest updates on the platform, get featured as an artist, learn about the craft from our 101 Series posts, and support the brand by purchasing some Anthology Merch!

Additions in your About Section

Two new updates are available in your Profile’s About section. 

The first of which is something photographers, and social media users, have been asking for years on their platform – Hyperlinking. Don’t feel constrained by a one-link limit, or no hyperlinking at all! We’re allowing you to link to as many of your sites as you can fit! We know many of you have other platform accounts, personal websites, agency accounts, etc. Promote them all on Anthology!

The second update is the addition of a Camera Equipment field. This optional text field allows you to share what camera equipment you are currently using to give insight to your fans and page viewers for inspiration. One of the most common requests, especially from beginners when they’re starting out, is “What type of camera should I buy?” You have great images. Inspire the next generation of creators.

(and psst…. We have plans to allow you to link to affiliate pages in the future 😉)

What Photographers Have Been Asking For – Landscape Mode!

Now available on iOS is another long asked for request from the artist community – Landscape mode on mobile. Rotate the screen to view amazingly high resolution images in landscape mode now!

Anthology v1.3 brings Landscape viewing to iOS!
Anthology v1.3 brings Landscape Mode to iOS!

Better Artist Visibility when Sharing Albums Externally

On our previous versions, we allowed a feature to Share a Portfolio link to Facebook and an outside link to share on any site, forum, or conversation. Well… we realized when someone clicked on that link, it wasn’t showing the artist information for the album owner. 

We’ve fixed that in this current release. Your profile information is available on all shared album links and is also clickable for the viewer to see more of your work quickly.

Add Images to More Than One Portfolio

A common request we were getting from photographers in our network was the ability to add images to more than one album. That makes sense. Maybe you take sports photography pictures in black and white. Those images would fit into both a Sports Photography portfolio, as well as a BNW one! In Anthology v1.3, we now have “Copy to Other Portfolios” available for you to add your images to one or more of your other albums.

Giving Creators the Power to Organize and Highlights Their Works

Organization was another popular request and plugs back to our mission of customizability on our platform. You now have the ability to organize your images within each Portfolio, and your Portfolios on your Profile page. 

Maybe you’re trying out a new type of style or promoting a certain brand that you’re working with. You can now order your portfolios and highlight your first album as the most prominent on the page. Try it out!

Anthology v1.3 Brings Fixes to the Thumbnail View Page

The thumbnail page was another area that needed work on the site. When images that were taken in portrait orientation were uploaded, the system was cropping them randomly to fit the thumbnail asset. This would sometimes cause the issue where the subject of the image was being cropped from the thumbnail, making the experience less appealing to the viewer. 

We’ve fixed this in Anthology v1.3. Now on the thumbnail page, all of the image fits into the thumbnail card and can be easily seen by the viewer from that page. We’re working on another concept that will improve this process even more in a future update.


Anthology is a powerful photographer’s network where artists can go to create customized digital portfolios of their work, and generate passive income through our Patronage feature. Now’s your last chance to join our live beta program before it closes to the public! Your feedback and insights directly impact how a photographic social network is built for your needs.

Support the Anthology Brand! Visit Our Shop Page

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