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Photographer Spotlight: Kevin Stainforth

Photo By: Kevin Stainforth

It has been a while since we last posted a Photographer Spotlight. Oh how we’ve missed the opportunity to speak with some great new artists that come into our network and help drive Anthology towards future success. We’re planning on many more in the coming weeks and months, keep reading below to find out how to get on our radar. 

This week we met up with Kevin – owner and creator of the new Street Photography focused account Jevis Photography. Kevin is a newer member of the photographer world, having only started this year in January, but his work has already begun to speak for itself. And his skills are improving everyday. 

Having had the opportunity to speak with Kevin, we asked him about his personal story and a few questions on his artwork too.

Kevin Stainforth’s Background and Intro to Photography

“I started in manual because I learned that was the way to go, so I never used auto settings.”

– Kevin Stainforth (Jevis Photography)

Kevin Stainforth grew up in Oevel, Belgium – a section of Antwerp with only a few thousand living in its limits. Before finding a passion for the arts, Kevin studied welding and was hired by a local trucking company to aid in the fabrication of the large transporters. While he has continued to work for his company, his recent foray into photography has captured his attention and free time as he envisions his future working as a full-time artist. 

Here’s an interesting question to ask yourself – do you remember when you received or bought your first camera? Most of us typically know the whereabouts of when we started, but what stuck out to us as we talked with Kevin was his vivid memory of the purchase. 

January 23, 2021. 

That day will forever be in this creator’s mind as that was when he bought his first camera – a starter essential in the Nikon D3500. “I started in manual because I learned that was the way to go, so I never used auto settings.” That bit of advice will help Kevin propel into a great history in this field. We’re not surprised – he is learning along the way with daily photoshoots, but also with the aid of popular YouTube sensations: 7th Era, Northborders, and Pierre T. Lambert (…oh and Peter McKinnon too, but that’s a given).

Kevin’s Approach to His Brand

Kevin is no stranger to exploration and experimentation when it comes to capturing a moment. Some of his more recent photos include a mirror effect that uses his phone to create a reflection. Although he’s not the first to do this, it’s great to see a young artist learning and trying new techniques so early on in his career. 

Photo taken by: Kevin Stainforth (JevisPhotography)

We wanted to get to know more about what Kevin is trying to make. At this stage, he’s still trying to lock in a style that fits him and the brand that he wishes to create. But he is inspired by a great artist he follows in QS Street

As it relates to editing, he likes to edit all his photos immediately after coming home from a shoot. This way, he can spread out the distribution on various platforms. He started to make his own presets for some of the edits he’s made so far, but Kevin is open to new styles and iterations each time.

Kevin Stainforth Meets Anthology

Kevin found the Anthology site through the Reddit group ThroughYourEyes_pics (we ran a feature on them a few months ago). He recently became a moderator for the group. 

We’re always excited to get to speak with young and beginner artists. Oftentimes they have some of the most inspirational stories and learning about why they chose to jump into this world is fun and enlightening. 

We’re about to launch a brand new feature in the coming weeks, and Kevin is looking forward to it. He mentioned how Belgium is home to many stunning and beautiful locations – Antwerp  in the Northern area being the most notable. But even towards the South of the country – old cities and urban districts are open to exploration and capturing through the lens. 

We look forward to the bright future Kevin Stainforth has in this field as he’s destined to create many great things. To check out his work and support him, you can visit his website and social account. He’s also on Anthology and you can view his great Street Photography and Nature portfolios that he is building.

Do you want to be featured on our channels? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note here and we’ll be in touch 🙂

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