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Photographer Spotlight: James Parkinson (JimmyPMedia)

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On this edition of Photographer Spotlight we met James Parkinson, a.k.a JimmyPMedia – an Isle of Man based photographer and videographer who recently started a Youtube channel to follow his street photography passion and extend his knowledge to a wider audience.  With this Spotlight, we’ve also ventured into the first video format interview for our Youtube channel! Check it out:

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Jimmy, who originally comes from England, recently moved to the Isle of Man and has been traveling around, exploring the new areas. His education in video production eventually led him into buying his first camera – a Sony A6100 – and trying out the world of still-photography.

Photo By: JimmyPMedia

Jimmy’s Start in Videography

Jimmy mentions how he started with a BlackMagic cinema camera to start filming with video as he initially wanted to be a freelance videographer. Although he eventually lost interest after a series of jobs, his recent foray into photography has reignited the passion for creating video media. His goal now other than photo is to create a Youtube channel that showcases some of his local area’s points of interest.

Photo By: JimmyPMedia

The JimmyPMedia Youtube Channel

Photo By: JimmyPMedia

Jimmy wants to show the area he lives in now in a POV video structure. In taking his viewers through the area’s popular photo locations, Jimmy plans to explain and showcase how he captures a moment. From there he has plans to expand into editing tutorials and photo-taking tutorials from behind the computer screen.

There’s tremendous value in helping beginner and young artists to learn the medium and Jimmy understands that. That’s how he mostly learned how to shoot and take pictures, and paying that forward with his own knowledge and tips from his ventures is a great way to help the community grow.

Since the time of this writing, Jimmy has filmed and edited his first video which can be viewed here:

Catch up on Jimmy’s first video

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Connect with Jimmy

If you’d like to follow Jimmy on his journeys and support him along the way, check out his social page here. Also, check out and subscribe to his new Youtube channel.

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