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Anthology’s Vision for 2022

Are you excited for the New Year? I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, shared many laughs and stories with friends and family, and took a lot of pictures (of course).

Anthology in 2021

2021 was a monumental year for the formation of Anthology. We spent much of the year developing and refining the technology foundation of our platform.

Building, launching, refining.

Learning, growing, repeating.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • We launched Portfolios in February 2021, kicking off the start of Anthology with a storage portfolio builder for picture takers of any skill level to begin organizing and building their personal and professional brands.
  • In the Spring, Patronage was launched. Anthology became the very first photo-focused platform to allow still photography creators to accept voluntary payments from their fans.
  • In September 2021, came the launch of Explore – our founding vision of a community built location catalog of photogenic places. We now have over 1000 locations in our database and we are still growing.
  • Hotspot Challenges went into alpha testing mode in November, and we are nearing deployment of our beta test in the near future.

I have to take a moment and thank the team behind me for helping us make these accomplishments a reality. The countless hours developing, strategizing, meeting and talking with individuals and artists for feedback, and their constant dedication to the project. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are right now and I cannot thank them enough.

Looking Ahead – How we Plan to Improve Anthology in 2022

While it’s always great to review and recap where we were, we are focused on our path forward. With the core of Anthology being built, this year we will be refining these features to make them more efficient and optimized for our users.

But don’t worry. We have some big goals still to announce. Take a look below at some of the goals for Anthology in the New Year.

Hotspot Challenges

Learn More About Explore Here!

I mentioned we’ll be launching the beta of Hotspot Challenges pretty soon. Let me back up a second and explain what exactly are Hotspot Challenges.

We are creating a gamified location catalog of picturesque places. Hotspot Challenges are mobile photo contests taking place at special locations within Anthology’s Explore map. At these locations, our users can submit their best shot and share with their friends for a chance to win a monetary prize.

(And hey, we recently launched our Explore Ambassador initiative for anyone who thinks they have spots worthy of being a future Hotspot. Ambassadors get a lifetime royalty payout every time their locations are part of a Hotspot Challenge. Send me a note if you want to talk more.)

Look for more information on this coming soon!

Upgrades to Portfolios and Brand Marketing

Our team has gotten a number of requests from artists who want a platform that helps them more easily get their photos to their clients. Our next round of upgrades to our system will include private and public album sharing for those that want to give their clients access to their photos, along with some additional functionality that I will share soon.

Social Functionality

We have learned a lot this past year from the “photo platforms.” It’s no longer a secret. Still photography artists have lost a place to call theirs. We’ve seen it coming for years with decisions regarding timelines, algorithms, and advertising making our experience less and less inviting. But hey, at least we heard directly from one leader acknowledging that they are no longer a photo sharing app.

With that said – we’re making Anthology that new home for you. Our next update will bring Following functionality to the platform so that you may begin finding and following your favorite photographers. We also have plans to build a social feed and a timeline that actually works. Won’t it be nice to have a feed that doesn’t destroy your photo’s visibility?

Learn How to Get Set Up with Patronage on Anthology

With Patronage being still in its initial launch state, we have some functionality and experience goals for this year. Some of the improvements include recurring payment options, memos, and custom thank you options for creators to give back to their patrons.

Similarly, Search will be enhanced this year to include location searching as well as advanced filtering of results.

Bring Anthology to a New Platform

By far our biggest request from our web users has been “When are you building an Android mobile version?”

Well, this year it will be happening. I will keep you updated as to when we will launch this version, but this is personally my number one goal to complete in 2022.

Wrapping Up

As always, it’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to build a service like Anthology. My goal is to have Anthology become the platform photographers can go to and know their voices are being heard. And that started on Day 0. I welcome you to reach out and share your experiences as an artist with me anytime.

<strong>Will Ciolino</strong>
Will Ciolino

Will is a hobbyist photographer, maker, engineer, and 3D printing enthusiast. He spent several years working on small teams before leaving to start working full time on Anthology.
Connect with Will:

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