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Anthology v2.1 Release Notes

Today we are excited to announce that we have launched v2.1 of Anthology on the web and iOS. This update brings new additions to the platform to help you keep up to date with fellow artists and creators on Anthology. It also brings enhancements to the Explore map and Hotspot experiences.

The following have been added to Anthology in version 2.1:

  • Followers and Following capabilities
  • New Notifications to keep you up to date on who is Following you, and who likes your content
  • Reporting/Flagging of illicit posts

The following have been improved on Anthology with version 2.1: 

  • Explore Map Improvements such as addition of street names, landmarks, and major bodies of water
  • The Current Location icon now follows you as you walk around with Anthology open as you search and walk towards Points of Interest and Hotspots
  • Hotspot Challenge improvements for a better mobile game experience and reliability (now in beta stage)

Continue Reading below for the full review of each feature and enhancement!

Bringing Networks to Anthology v2.1

Several of our earliest users have requested a more Social experience on Anthology. With version 2.1, we are releasing the initial aspects of networking on our platform.

In this latest release, we have added in Following and Followers to Anthology. Now, you may find and follow your favorite creators and fellow community members.

Portfolios now has a new meaning on Anthology. Build your professional and personal brand as a photographer to gather new followers and help build new audiences for your content. With more people seeing your account and receiving updates about your content, it’s never been a better time to apply for Patronage to start receiving voluntary payments from your fans.

We have more Social features prepared and planned for our upcoming feature releases in 2022. For a sneak peak of our goals and vision for 2022, check out this article from our CEO.

Swipe to check out the new Followers and Following Features on Anthology!

New Notifications in Anthology v2.1

We’ve created some new notifications to keep you informed about your content and Profile on Anthology.

Some of the new Notifications in v2.1:

  • Get notified when a new user Follows you
  • When your content posted on a Point of Interest or a Hotspot is liked by another user

Improvements and Enhancements in Anthology v2.1

Along with the additions that were mentioned above, our team has put together a number of improvements and fixes to Anthology in this version.

  • We’ve created a new thumbnail layout on iOS. Images are now larger in the feed orientation and we’ve created a cleaner thumbnail page view.
  • Addition of street names, States, Countries, and bodies of water on Explore
  • We removed the pin clustering feature on Web and iOS for a better Explore experience.
  • Fixed the Refresh button on the Explore page
  • The current location icon on the Explore map now follows your device’s location on iOS when you are venturing out to find a Point of Interest or a Hotspot nearby
  • Page memory has been enhanced on Explore. Previously, when a user would back out of a Point of Interest page, they would be brought back to their current location. With this latest update, we’ve maintained the position you were last looking at. For instance, if you are looking at Points of Interest in another area, you will now be brought back to that location when backing out of the POI page
  • Click on images in the Quick View card on a POI and be brought to that post immediately
Anthology Explore Now Shows Pins without Clustering
New Explore Interface on Anthology – Explore now has over 1000 Points of Interest!!


Anthology is a powerful photographer’s network where artists can go to create customized digital portfolios of their work, and generate passive income through our Patronage feature. Now’s your last chance to join our live beta program before it closes to the public! Your feedback and insights directly impact how a photographic social network is built for your needs.

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