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Ambassador Program | Join Anthology’s Explore Ambassadors

Anthology’s flagship ambassador program, Explore Ambassadors, is designed for those who love to travel, take awesome pictures, and explore the artistic side of their neighborhood.

Explore Ambassadors are brand representatives of Anthology. They are enthusiastic photographers (of any skill level) who wish to find photogenic locations and share new ones with the community through the Explore catalog.

Ambassadors are given rewards for being active and engaged members – and by sharing locations on Explore, they are given premium royalties as part of our revenue share model.

Continue reading below for more information on the incentives given to Explore Ambassadors and sign up for FREE using the form at the bottom of this post.

Why Should I Join This Ambassador Program?

Photo By: Anthology Corp.

Joining an Ambassador program is a great way to engage with your community. Becoming an Explore Ambassador bestows a unique status as a user of Anthology… oh, and there are some really cool rewards and incentives for joining as well!

Ambassadors get the following perks after joining the program:

  • Get a 15% royalty rate for your approved Points of Interest in future Hotspot Challenges
  • Get 1000 coins for every referral you make who goes on to sign up for an account on Anthology
  • Extras! Including:
    • Get exclusive freelance opportunities working with brands and businesses in the Anthology network
    • Early access to features in development on the Anthology platform

Becoming an Explore Ambassador today gives you access to this early premium royalty rate of 15%. Standard rates are 3%.

We’re also launching a program exclusively available to Ambassadors – a monthly Point of Interest location lottery! Every month, we’ll be giving away a prime location (think the Empire State Building or the Seattle Space Needle!) to an Ambassador for ownership for a full year!

That means you will receive the benefits of earning royalties from a highly popular location if you are selected as a winner in the lottery.

For all future Hotspot Challenges that take place at your Points of Interest – you receive 15% of the contest prize

How Do Royalties Work?

Royalties are a unique and incentivized way for sharing your favorite photogenic locations on Anthology.

By sharing Points of Interest in our app – you are helping to build a global catalog of artistic scenes and beautiful sites to inspire others to capture memories at.

Our royalty program is to reward this act of sharing. All Points of Interest that you share are reviewed by our team, and if approved – they become available to sponsors for selection of Hotspot Challenges sites.



For all future Hotspot Challenges that take place at your Points of Interest – you receive 15% of the contest prize

Here’s a quick example:

One of your sites becomes the center of a Hotspot Challenge with a grand prize of $5,000.

You would be awarded $750 at the end of the contest as a thank you for creating that Point of Interest!

And the best part is – royalties compound!

That means the more Points of Interest you create – the more royalties you can collect.

How Do Referrals Work?

Photo By: @bamagal

Referring your friends and family to Anthology is the easiest way to build up rewards within our Explore Ambassador program.

For any person that signs up below that uses your name or email, you receive 1,000 Coins.

These coins will be available for conversion to cash, merchandise in our shop, or within the Anthology mobile app features that are in development now!

What is Explore?

Explore is Anthology’s location catalog of photogenic Points of Interest throughout the world. It is also the home of the Hotspot Challenges – timed mobile photography contests where users compete to earn cash prizes.

Join Our Ambassador Program Today for Free!


Anthology is a gamified photography network for every picture-taker. We’re a digital playground for photography services – providing world-class image storage & delivery, a location catalog of photogenic Points of Interest, and a social media environment that’s built for photographers, by photographers. Anthology is currently available in a public beta version which you can join early today!

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