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EXPLORE: Allaire State Park

There’s a lot to be discovered when exploring New Jersey. One state park in particular, Allaire State Park, has not only a living history museum, but also a unique prehistoric exhibition.

Allaire Village

Allaire Village, once known as Howell Works, was originally an iron producing factory town. It can now be found as a living history museum. Upon arriving, you can see a mini train platform. On the weekend, you can hop on their steam train for a quick 1/2 mile loop around the grounds.

As you enter the property, it brings you back to the time of the 1800s. This 40-acre village is home to craft shops, historical homes and retail stores. Whether you want to learn some history, or takes some nice pictures, Allaire Village is a great spot to explore.

Allaire Dinosaurs

Within the same park, and a short drive down the road, lies a new and enchanting experience. Near a campground and just off a hiking trail, you can stumble upon an art installation. Starting with small huts, artist, Robin Ruggiero, began an impressive prehistoric project. Using found wood, she erected her first dinosaur, the T-Rex, followed by other Dinos like a triceratops and a pterodactyl. Only starting in 2019, she has accumulated quite a few structures since.

If you find yourself in these woods on a quiet, overcast day, your experience may be equal parts eerie and serene. With many dinosaur structures to admire and photograph, this spot is one you won’t want to miss.

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