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Introducing Anthology v1.0.0

Check out Anthology! Now available for download on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store!

Anthology v1.0.0 – Now Available on iOS & Android!

We are excited about our newest development! Last year, over 450 people connected with our project and helped us build a prototype in public. Our mission was to create a space where anyone could share their experiences through photography on a platform that was built for photos specifically. We built a foundation of over 1000 photogenic Points of Interest around the world during this process as well. This was no small feat. Anthology is thankful for all the support that was given while in beta.


Anthology has used the feedback and insights gathered from last year to release v1.0.0 for iOS and now – Android devices as well. That’s right, our new mobile first vision now extends to more devices, and gives anyone with a high powered camera in their pocket the power to build their own Anthology.

Our incredible team of engineers have spent the past several months building – and we’re excited for what’s yet to come in the future.

Be sure to stay tuned for our release notes next week for feature highlights and more information. But, if you’d like to learn more sooner – subscribe to our mailing list here!

Anthology is now available to download on

iOS & Android devices – v1.0.0!

The Anthology app is only getting bigger and better. Be sure to stay up to date on future features you won’t want to miss. We hope to see some new faces. Start building your Anthology today!

Download Anthology on the Apple App Store
Download Anthology on the Google Play Store!

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