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Anthology Help Guides

Below you will find information on all the features and benefits of the Anthology platform. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us by email.

*Note: This page’s content will be updated with hyperlinks as they become available. If you need immediate assistance on one of these topics or on another topic not yet on this list, please email us.

Getting Started


  • What is Explore?
  • How to share a location
  • Process for admin approval of POI’s 
  • What are Points of Interest? 
  • What are Hotspots? 
  • How to set up a private POI
  • How to upload an image to a location
  • Playing the Hotspot challenge
  • Collecting your Hotspot challenge earnings
  • What are the rules for winning a hotspot challenge
  • How to submit a hotspot
  • Royalty program for submitting a hotspot challenge location
  • How to partner with Anthology on a Hotspot challenge


  • How to Create a Portfolio
  • Image quality settings for best performance
  • How to import photos from Facebook and IG
  • How to export portfolio link to external website


  • Setting up your wallet on Anthology
  • How to apply for Patronage
  • How to add your credit card to Anthology
  • How to donate to another user