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How to Create a Portfolio on Anthology

This guide is a part of our broader mission to help new users of Anthology get started on our platform. Click here for more help guides.

This guide will help you Create a Portfolio on Anthology. With Portfolios, you can create custom digital albums to highlight and showcase your photography and fine art on a platform who’s design works to compliment your work.

  1. You will need an Anthology account in order to create a Portfolio. If you haven’t done so, please visit our help guide on setting up a new account here.
  2. Sign in to your Anthology account on iOS or desktop.
  3. Click on the “Create” button (desktop) or the “+” icon (iOS).
  4. On the creation page, you are required to include the following information:
    • Portfolio Name
    • Category
  5. The following fields are optional:
    • Geo-Location
    • Keywords
  6. Click on the “Add Images” field or Click on Instagram or Facebook to import photos from your connected social media accounts.
  7. Click on “Create Portfolio” in the bottom-right side of the screen.
  8. If you have any issues or complications, please email our Support Team and we can assist you creating a portfolio.

When you’re done creating your first portfolio, make sure to check out our other feature sets, including Patronage to begin earning passive income from your work!

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