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What are Points of Interest on Anthology?

This guide is a part of our broader mission to help new users of Anthology get started on our platform. Click here for more help guides.

This guide will help to explain Points of Interest on Anthology.

What are Points of Interest?

Points of interest (POI) are any photogenic location that may inspire fellow artists, creators and enthusiasts to visit.

Anthology started with the unique idea to be a central inspiration tool for photographers and adventurers alike to find new picturesque locations around them and abroad. To accomplish this mission, we created a feature on our website and mobile application called Explore – which is a visualized, interactive and gamified location catalog of these POI.

What are some examples of Points of Interest?

Anthology is a creator focused hub. We value and uphold that power an individual has to tell a story through a photograph, to capture a memory in a snapshot.

We want to inspire creators for new photoshoot sessions with clients. We want to inspire travel bloggers and adventure seekers to see new beauty in the world. And we want to inspire the parents, dog-lovers, and enthusiasts who want to spend a day with their families in a new place and capture those moments on their phone camera.

Here are some (but not all) of what could be a Point of Interest:

  • Murals and Community Art Pieces
  • Sculptures
  • Parks, arboretums, and nature escapes
  • Art Districts
  • Unique Architecture
  • Waterways
  • …and endless more possibilities!

How do Points of Interest Appear on Anthology?

On the Anthology website and mobile platform, you will find a variety of drop pin icons that appear on the Explore page. Points of Interest are the drop pins that are either GREEN or BLUE. Green POI signify Public pins that can be viewed by anyone using Anthology. Blue POI are Private pins that are only viewable to you.

If you have any questions about Points of Interest, please email our Support Team and we can assist you.

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