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What is Explore on Anthology?

This guide is a part of our broader mission to help new users of Anthology get started on our platform. Click here for more help guides.

This guide will help to explain Explore on Anthology. With Explore, you can share, scout, and visit photogenic Points of Interest as well as Hotspots in your area and abroad.

What is Explore?

Explore is Anthology’s innovative and unique source of all things exploration. We started Anthology because in our experiences as hobbyist photographers, location sourcing and scouting on the internet is a major burden and time consuming task. There are an endless amount of websites, blogs, forums, and social media posts to comb through to try to piece together what an area looks like. Oftentimes, these locations come from outdated and inaccurate posts.

Along comes Explore. With our feature, we are driving a community built catalog and resource hub of photogenic places. Anthology puts these places into two categories:

Where Creativity Shines

The power of Anthology is in the creation of these locations. For general areas, we can leverage addresses and Google Maps data for creating these pins from anywhere. However, we have created a proprietary system to capture the location of those tough to reach, off-the-grid areas that aren’t found anywhere else. Available for iOS users, you have the ability to create a Point of Interest from where you are standing by simply snapping a picture at that location. The Anthology team will then review your submission and update you on the status in a timely manner.

Explore is also home to our Hotspot Challenges. These challenges are fun, competitive photo-based contests that allow you to submit pictures and compete for monetary prizes.

If you have any issues using Explore, please email our Support Team and we can assist you.

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