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Hotspot Challenges Official Rules

This guide is a part of our broader mission to help new users of Anthology get started on our platform. Click here for more help guides.

This guide will help to explain the Official Rules of Hotspot Challenges Photo Contests on Anthology.

Official Rules

Here are the Official Rules for entering a photo submission to a Hotspot Challenge on Anthology:

  1. Entry into a Hotspot Challenge on Anthology is free for any user of Anthology
  2. To enter, you must first visit a nearby Hotspot that is indicated by a golden pin on the Explore page of Anthology
  3. While at the Hotspot, you must read the contest description on the Hotspot’s Information Page which will include details about the category of photo that will be considered for the reward (eg: black and white photo, sepia photo, abstract photo, etc.)
  4. Submit a photo that corresponds with the category mentioned in the Information Page to the Hotspot by tapping “Add to Anthology”
  5. You will be notified if your photo submission is the winning submission of that Hotspot Challenge


Hotspot Challenges are explicitly brought to you by Anthology. Apple is not a sponsor of Hotspot Challenges.