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Anthology v1.3 Release Notes

Today we are excited to announce that we have launched v1.3 of Anthology on the web and iOS. This update brings some additional performance improvements based on user feedback from the past few weeks, and we also bring a ton of enhancements to Portfolios and additions to the platform experience.

Q&A with Irina Kolykhalova -Season 3

Anthology welcomes you to read our Photographer Q&A with our Season 3 guest – Irina Kolykhalova. Irina travels the world and has a catalog of beautiful art from the Antarctic regions. Find out more about Irina here!

Anthology Photographer Highlights (Season 2)

Anthology is building relationships with established and rising artists. We’re so grateful to the community for their help and positive feedback, and this is one way we’re giving back by highlighting some of the photographers in our network.